Project Inputs:

 1. Community outreach to establish linkages with services:

Link Workers will reach out to those at risk and vulnerable individuals or groups who are at present not able to access to HIV related information and services. The scheme will promote risk reduction and motivate community members to adopt behaviour change. The outreach services provided under the scheme will ensure reaching out to key populations, linking them up with programs and services and educating them about the modes of prevention. The Link Workers will provide HIV related information, demonstrate condom use, distribute condoms, refer patients for appropriate services and do follow-up to monitor and facilitate the consistent use of these services.

 2. Advocacy: The focus will be on advocating for availability of quality services and reduction of stigma and discrimination against HRG and PLHA.

 3. Community mobilization: Community members will be facilitated to develop ownership and sustain the scheme beyond the life of the program. Formation of Youth Groups, Red Ribbon Clubs and involvement of Volunteers will be encouraged to ensure that the efforts are sustained.

  1. Outputs: Immediate achievements of the program in terms of the deliverables, such as the number of individuals reached out to, number of condoms distributed, number of individuals effectively linked to the services etc. These are monitored through a set of recording and reporting formats.
  2. Outcomes: Changes observed in the communities covered by the scheme including the trends in the percentage of different target groups using condoms, accessing services, experiencing reduced stigma and discrimination etc. The outcomes are monitored through a series of outcome studies including polling booth surveys and focus group discussions at regular intervals during the implementation of the scheme.
  3. Impacts: The long term impact that occurs in the larger community as a result of implementing a program, including changes in the prevalence of HIV and incidence of STIs in districts covered by the scheme. This will be carried out through special analysis of the secondary data.

 Expected Outcome

  •  A cadre of trained local people the Link Workers and Volunteers.
  • Increase in knowledge about HIV transmission, risk behaviours, HIV prevention and available health services among HRGs and vulnerable young people and women.
  • Increase in knowledge about HIV transmission, risk behaviours, HIV prevention and available health services among community members/significant others (SHGs, PRI, VHC, etc.).
  • Increased use of condoms by HRGs, their partners and clients
  • Increased utilization of STI management, ICTC, PPTCT and ART services by HRIs/HRGs, their partners and clients
  • Increased access for young men and women to health services (e.g. STI management, VCTC, ICTC, PPTCT)
  • Reduced stigma and discrimination against PLHA and their families
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