The salient features of this scheme are:

1.     To use the evidence-based approach and scientific tools such as mapping to identify rural areas with greater risk of contracting HIV. Individuals/groups within the villages in need of information and services will be identified through detailed Situation Need Assessment (SNA).

2.    To generate demand for various HIV/AIDS related services and strengthen access to existing services. The scheme itself will not create any service delivery points.

3.    To involve a team of highly motivated and trained representatives from the community – a male and a female Link Worker- for a cluster of villages. They will link the community with HIV/AIDS related services including information on it.

4.    The scheme is a short-term, time-bound (3 years) intervention aimed at enhancing community participation, building a sense of ownership and stakes in it to enable the scheme to be sustained beyond the programme.

The scheme will make an effort to build a community-centred model for rural areas. 

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